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Practical Daily Warm-Ups




Zachary Lyman


Practical Daily Warm-Ups for Trumpet was written to provide intermediate and advanced trumpet players with ideas for daily warm-ups. Warming up on the trumpet is an individual endeavor. Each player needs something different in a warm-up, and those needs often shift depending on your strengths and weaknesses, daily playing demands, schedule, and other factors. Strive to find a varied routine that works for you, while continually attacking areas of needed improvement. The exercises and patterns in this book are a starting point for building this kind of individualized warm-up regimen.


Zachary Lyman is Associate Professor of Trumpet and Music Theory at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in Tacoma, Washington where he teaches classroom music, directs the trumpet ensemble, coaches chamber music, and performs with the Lyric Brass Quintet. He holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Trumpet Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Iowa where he was the recipient of the prestigious Iowa Performance Fellowship. Dr. Lyman received the Bachelor of Music degree with honors from The College of Wooster, and the Master of Music degree with Honors and Distinction in Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music.

He is active as an orchestral, chamber, and solo performer and has performed with the New England Philharmonic, Boston Philharmonic, Cedar Rapids, and Quad Cities Symphony Orchestras. He has also performed as featured soloist with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, PLU Wind Ensemble, PLU Orchestra, PLU Chorale, and the Choir of the West, and plays throughout the northwest as a member of the Seattle-based Mosaic Brass Quintet. He has appeared with the Vashon Opera and Tacoma Symphony Orchestras, at the Olympic Music Festival, and is a faculty member at the summer Evergreen Music Festival.

Dr. Lyman’s articles have been published by American Music and the International Trumpet Guild Journal. His trumpet warm-up book Practical Daily Warm-Ups for Trumpet is published by Keveli Music. The Lyric Brass Quintet’s CD, American Music for Brass Quintet, is available from Emeritus Recordings.

Zach lives in Tacoma with his wife, Anne, and his extremely energetic son Milo and daughter Eleanor. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and being a disgruntled Red Sox fan.


Practical Daily Warm-Ups for Trumpet is divided into 9 main sections: mouthpiece buzzing, first exercises, scales, arpeggios, lip-slurs, single and double tonguing, triple tonguing, long patterns, and pedal tones. Within these sections, the exercises begin in the middle register, move to the low register, and finish in the high register while connecting back to the low register. While this arrangement works well for many players, you may find that you respond more readily to a different progression. Whatever works best for you is fine, but be sure to play through the entire register of the trumpet during your warm-up. No dynamics or tempi have been assigned to the exercises in this book. Begin slowly and at a relaxed, medium dynamic level. Progress faster and louder only when you can play each exercise from a very relaxed stance. Vary the speed and dynamics of your warm-up as another way of mixing up your routine.



I. Mouthpiece Buzzing
II. First Exercises
III. Scales
IV. Arpeggios
V. Lip-Slurs
VI. Single & Double Tonguing
VII. Triple Tonguing
VIII. Long Patterns
IX. Pedal Tones