Keveli Music Band Publication

Symphony No. 4 – Unforsaken


Wind Ensemble


Kevin M. Walczyk

Grade 6   |   Duration: 16'00"

SYMPHONY NO. 4 – UNFORSAKEN was commissioned by the Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble, directed by Ray E. Cramer, and commemorates the 2017 opening of the academy’s new facilities. The commissioning ensemble premiered the work on July 11, 2017 at the Opera City Concert Hall in Tokyo Japan. The work’s primary pitch materials come from the ciphering of the word Musashino and multiple Japanese modes, including Akebono, Hirajōshi, Insen, Iwato, Min’yō, and Yō. The Symphony’s form utilizes a palindromic 5-part arch, or bridge form [ A – B – C – B’ – A’ ]. The A sections are further broken down into a ternary structure that includes, in the outsets of the section, the Musashino call motive. In between the two calls, beginning in measure 31, is the work’s powerful fanfare. The final ‘A’ section of the Symphony, beginning in measure 305, repeats this formal layout. The close of the Symphony reprises the call motive and brief interjections of melodic motives from the entire work. The Symphony’s ‘B’ sections comprise the energetic scherzo (beginning in measures 84 and 270 respectively) that features the Japanese Min’yō mode. The middle ‘C’ section also utilizes a ternary structure in which call motives (measures 176 and 251 respectively) serve as the bookends to the composer’s lyrical Emblems of Sacrifice hymn (beginning in measure 186). The hymn was the product of a grade 2-3 commissioned work by the same title, Emblems of Sacrifice, but the composer wanted to expand the hymn’s compositional possibilities and has done so here. The Symphony’s title, Unforsaken, is in response to another work by the composer that was composed for the Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble entitled, Eloi, Eloi, which asks the question, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). SYMPHONY NO. 4 – UNFORSAKEN answers this inquiry with God’s response, “…and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” [Matthew 28:20]. The connection to the two works is also referenced through melodic pitch content and contour, in which the Symphony’s motives to both the scherzo and hymn are similar to the opening motif in Eloi, Eloi.

Ray E. Cramer

Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble, Ray E. Cramer, conductor

Symphony No. 4 – Unforsaken is a grade 6 work. The 16-minute, single-movement work is challenging for high school wind ensembles and suitable for college-level and professional wind ensembles.

flutes 1-32nd doubles alto flute; 3rd doubles piccolo
oboes 1-33rd doubles English horn
sopranino clarinet
clarinets 1-3
bass clarinet
contra-alto clarinet
bassoons 1-33rd doubles contrabassoon
alto saxophones 1-2
tenor saxophone
baritone saxophone
horns 1-4
trumpets 1-51st doubles piccolo; 4th & 5th double flugel horn
trombones 1-44th is bass
euphoniumB.C. & T.C.
timpani2 drums
percussion 1xylophone & snare drum
percussion 2marimba and bass drum
percussion 3glockenspiel, crash cymbals, and tambourine
percussion 4vibraphone, suspended cymbal, and suspended triangle
percussion 5 – chimes, tam-tam, and 2 concert toms
string bass