Keveli Music

Philosophy and Mission Statement


About Keveli Music

Keveli Music is an independent music publishing company that features music publications for orchestra, band, chamber ensembles, jazz ensemble, and choir by Pulitzer Prize and Grawemeyer Award nominated composer Kevin M. Walczyk. At Keveli Music we believe in giving back to our community. Keveli Music is devoted to serving the needs in its community by donating proceeds from publication sales to non-profit, charitable organizations, particularly those that serve the needs of students and children, including the See Ya Later Foundation, the Dale House Project, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Aid Society.

Keveli Music also believes strongly in serving the needs of the education community by providing well-crafted music at a fair price and without performance restrictions. You will not have to negotiate expensive rental agreements because we do not adhere to the concept of renting music. You purchase the publication! You own the publication! We believe that you should perform Keveli Music publications as often as you desire without being financially penalized.

Keveli Music offers unique opportunities for individual and consortium-commissioning projects and consortium-performance projects that allow all levels of performing organizations the chance to commission new works at reasonable rates. Add a composer residency and you, your students, ensemble members, and audiences gain the educational opportunity to interact with award-winning composer Kevin M. Walczyk. It’s the most effective way to gain further understanding and appreciation for the craft and art of new music.

Please contact KEVELI MUSIC should you have questions concerning commissioning and/or composer residency opportunities.