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Concerto Gaucho



This publication is available in 4 separate editions: Band, Orchestra, Chamber Septet, and Piano Reduction. Performance materials for this title are available in the following formats:

  • PERFORMANCE MATERIALS [PRINT edition] – physical standard score and parts shipped to buyer. Choose from the available editions: Band, Orchestra, & Chamber Septet.
  • PERFORMANCE MATERIALS [DIGITAL edition] – licensed set of score and parts. No print/hard copies are shipped to the buyer who prints materials from downloadable, licensed soft copy that is available within 48 hours. No shipping charges necessary. The digital distribution option has no shipping costs, allows for quick receipt of printable performance materials, and is available to both domestic and international customers. Choose from the available editions: BandOrchestra, & Chamber Septet.
  • STANDARD SCORE [PRINT edition] – 9×12 (print edition). Choose from the available editions: Band, & Orchestra only. NOTE: Standard scores are not available in the digital format. You can, however, purchase the large-format score in digital format.
  • LARGE-FORMAT SCORE [PRINT edition] – 12×16 – Choose from the available editions: Band, & Orchestra only.
  • LARGE-FORMAT SCORE [DIGITAL edition] – 12×16 – Choose from the available editions: Band, & Orchestra only.
  • PIANO REDUCTION [PRINT edition] – 9×12 – includes solo trumpet part.
  • PIANO REDUCTION [DIGITAL edition] – 9×12 – includes solo trumpet part.
  • SOLO TRUMPET [DIGITAL edition] – 9×12 – replacement solo trumpet part. NOTE: Replacement part is not available in the print edition.





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